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Things to consider:

  • Tone - What sounds are you going for

  • Body shape / Custom design

  • Body / neck / fret board wood type

  • Headstock shape & Tuner configuration (3 × 3, 6 inline, etc.)

  • Type of pickups / configuration / sound you are looking for

  • Bridge type

  • Fretboard markers / inlays / Fiber Optics

  • Personal style / preferences

  • Painting / Finishing

  • Electronics / Pickups / Volume & Tone control

  • Hardware finish (Chrome, Black Nickel)

  • Personal preferences and inspirations


Once you have a general idea of what you would like designed and build, contact Jeff or send email to


Include in your note:

  • Your contact information (name, phone, email, location)

  • General description of what you want built – the more information the better

  • Pictures or sketches of ideas you may have


Jeff will then contact you to discuss on the phone what you are looking for in more detail, go through a build sheet, answer any questions you may have and agree on next steps and timing.  


As we are a small custom shop, the build of your guitar may not be able to be started until others in queue are completed.


To begin building your guitar, Lund Guitars requires a 10-25% non-refundable deposit, depending on material costs.  50% of the balance is due at the completion of the build (before painting) and the remainder due upon delivery.  You will have an opportunity to approve a template before the actual guitar building starts and see many pictures of your Lund Custom during its creation.  We are committed to keeping you updated on status through-out the guitar building process once your order has started.

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