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Nate Gullickson

Lund Guitars Endorsed Artist: Nate Gullickson of Soundmankillz

Photo Credit: Louvau Photography

Nate Gullickson has been performing musically around the United States with some of the biggest names in the rock-n-roll industry for almost twenty years.  Within some time, he knew it was the moment to have the enjoyment of the many different guitars he’s played all molded into one. “Lund Guitars has forged my dreams into reality”.


Growing up in a musical family, he spent many of his adolescent years around the household piano, which established his love of music and later the guitar.  Nate is now performing with his band Soundmankillz and you can hear them and his Lund guitar and Lund bass guitar at any of their live performances around the country. 

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