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Questions and Answers



How do I order a guitar?


Review the ORDERING page.  We will setup a time to talk on the phone about the guitar you want built.  Check out our Order page as well.


What is needed to get started?


General idea of tone, design, wood type, hardware, etc.  You don’t need to have specific schematics, just an idea.  We do require a 10-25% non-refundable deposit before we can start any work on your guitar.​


Does the guitar come with a warranty?


Lund Guitars will stand behind its work and craftsmanship.  If there is a product issue, contact Lund Guitars within 120 days of receipt of guitar and we will work out a mutually agreeable resolution.  This warranty applies to only the original purchaser.  Check out the warranty page for more details.


Can I buy my own parts and ship them to you?


Absolutely.  You do not have to buy hardware through Lund Guitars.  If you want to order your specific parts (pickups, tuners, bridge, etc.) no problem.  Just let us know that is what you want to do.  It will be best to ship all the parts to us to ensure they fit properly on the completed product.  Please note, in many cases, we will need your supplied parts during the design phase.




Can I cancel my order?


Once an order has started, it cannot be canceled.  You will have an opportunity to signoff on a template prior to the actual start of the build.  We will do our best to accommodate minor changes, if possible, during the build.  Depending on the stage of the build, some changes may not be possible.  The deposit is non-refundable.  All sales are final.

Will you send status updates during the build?


Yes.  We will send you pictures and status updates as your custom guitars is being build.  We prefer to remain in contact with you during the process to ensure you are happy with the outcome and to address any questions that might come up during the build.


How long will it take to build my custom guitar?


It depends.  Most guitars can be completed in 3 to 6 months.  Your guitar may take more or less time depending on the amount of custom hand carving needed on the body or time-consuming inlay work on the fretboard.  The hardware and type of electronics may also drive the amount of time.  We are not a mass-producing guitars shop, each unit is hand made specifically for you.


Do you build accoustic guitars?


No.  Lund Guitars builds hand crafted solid body and semi-hollow body electric guitars only at this time.




How much does a custom guitar cost?


There is no one price for all guitars.  The price of a custom guitar ranges based on your components, the amount of hand carving, detail, inlay work, complexity of your paint job, type of wood, etc.  Before starting your project, we will go over an estimate of costs to complete your custom guitar.

Do you do restoration work?


It depends on the condition of the guitar.  Email pictures and a description of what you want done.  We will do our best to let you know what we can and cannot do with your request.

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