Guitars in Build Process

Body Contouring
Quilted maple body contouring.
Quilted maple stain
Two-tone black/grey quilted maple stain
Black Glossy Finish
Black gloss and white binding with glossy lacquer finish.
Neck Jig
Laser aligned neck to body centerline.
Binding Work on Ash Body
Black binding on the top and back of this custom tele-style guitar.
Truss Rod
Carbon fiber re-innforced dual adjust truss rod for a custom 5 string bass.
Customer Template
Every custom guitar is cut on plywood for customer preview for design and placement.
Marker Dots
Mother of pearl marker dots
Blended Set Neck
Custom blended set neck - allows easy access to the high frets!
Tuner Installation
Neck binding with 6-inline tuner installation
12-String Headstock
Custom 12-string baritone guitar headstock.
Carve Top Semi-Hollow
Custom quilted maple carve top for a semi-hollow 12-string baritone
Paduak, Wenge, and Maple neck-thru
Neck-thru bass with custom blended body/neck, fiber optic side dot lighting.
Neck-thru 5 string custom bass
Volume, blend, bass, hi-mid, low-mid, tremble pre-amp, and rotary switch for multi-color fiber optic side dot lighting. b-Axis Bartolini pickups.
CNC cut perimeter and top on this custom Thunderbird style bass.
Thunderbird Painting
This custom Thunderbird style bass is ready for sealing and painting.
Lund Custom
Hand-carved hard maple top with bolt-on maple neck and ebony fretboard. Conductive electronic shielding paint in pickup pockets which is electrically grounded.
Process of attaching the binding to the body. It is then trimmed flush and sanded to become one with the guitar body.
Blended neck
Custom blended neck joint. Maple glued in neck and solid alder body. Electronics cavity and open tremolo pocket.
Grounded pickup pockets
Every shielded cavity is electrically grounded.
Back side body routing
Joined mahogany stock, template routed electronics cavities.
Front side body routing
Joined mahogany stock, template routed electronics cavities.
Lund Custom
Back side of bolt on shaped neck and view of electronics cavity. Large belly carve for great comfort.
String Ferrules
Tune-o-Matic bridge with in body string ferrules.
Horn carve out
Large horn carve out for comfortable reach to high frets. Deep / strong neck joint for superior sustain.
Genuine mahogany body with body routing complete and ready for shaping.
Blended Neck
Custom blended neck joint. Smooth one piece feel making it easy to play high up on the fretboard without changing hand position.
Ebony Fretboard
Maple neck blank with ebony fretboard and 2-way adjustable Hot Rod truss rod. Every neck is hand-made for the guitar.
Black and White
Black binding on metallic white finish. Sharp contrast finish with white body and neck and all black hardware.
Mahogany with maple top
Genuine mahogany body with maple top. Ready for contouring and shaping.
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